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A Common Man

Who am I?

I grew up on my family's farm. There, I learned the value of hard work, and that the day was done, when the work was done. I went to college to get a degree that would aid my capacity in farming, but God had other plans for my life, calling me into the ministry. I have served Him in many places over the last 15 years. During that time, I joined the United States Marine Corps Reserve. During my 6 years of service, I continue to serve as a pastor

at Park Avenue Missionary Baptist Church. I have been here for almost 8 years. I also help and teach at an addiction recovery ministry, Breaking Bonds. 

So Why Politics?

Our First Amendment Right is under attack. Churches in particular are in the crosshairs. We have been censored, told to close, told what we can and cannot do in our services. Conservative and Christian voices are being silenced and this unlawful encroachment must be stopped. It is time to stand and safeguard our God given rights, while we still have them, and remind the government that has been charged in their protection, you work for us, the common man.

We keep sending politicians, social acolytes, and social elites to represent us, but perhaps the only person that can represent the common man is, in fact, a common man. 

Views and Policy

Abortion: I am, unapologetically, an abortion abolitionist. Life begins at conception. The unborn child should be afforded equal protection. There is no situation in which abortion is permissible. We should ignore Roe v. Wade and repeal or supersede all contradictory pro-life laws.   (Psalm 139:13; Jeremiah 1:5)

National Debt: It is a great evil that we would spend money we do not have, to pay for solutions that do not work, while enslaving the next generation. If we deem something is worth paying for, what are we willing to cut? That's how it works in our world, government is not a special exception. (Proverbs 22:7) If government will not correct this immoral behavior, then we need to cut all of the budget, except for social security, by an equal percentage amount till we are in the black. I imagine we will then start prioritizing the items in the budget. 

Separation of Church and State: Not in the Constitution by the way. I am not a Christian infiltrating government, rather, government has invaded the church. It has told us what defines the religious institution of marriage instead of allowing scripture to dictate the definition (Genesis 2:24). The government, in the name of a pandemic, has told us when we can assemble, how many can assemble, and under what guidelines we can assemble. Its overreach also includes determining when life begins and what constitutes as life. Cancel culture also working in tandem, has deemed Christianity unfit for the public square. All speech, no matter how reprehensible it may be, is and should be protected. The term hate speech has been used to demonize anything the left does not agree with. More protections need to be put in place.

Second Amendment: Tanks? Why not? The right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental right to keep an overbearing government in check. If the military can field it, you should wield it.

Pro Traditional Family: The unraveling of any nation occurs when its most basic unit is destroyed, the family. We need to quit incentivizing single motherhood in America. If you are a poor single mother, the government will help you with food stamps, government housing etc. This has had an unintended consequence of destroying families by making it profitable for the dad to be out of the picture. The way we do this is to make it to where the government welfare they would receive be based on the number in their family (counting dad). 

Pro School choice: The public school system is plagued by teachers unions and corrupt ideology. The answer to this, as with many things, is let it compete in the free market by awarding the tax dollars to the school the parents decide to send their children. Also, eliminated the nationalizing of our school curriculum. Let the states and local governments determine these measures.

Pro Free Market: Competition ensures that the best product and ideas are what survive. Government's involvement, at best, creates an artificial free market, in which they pick the winners, and many times as a consequence, the losers as well.

Government size: No sane person ever says, "I need more government to take more of my money."
(Proverbs 28:2) We need less government, not more. "Nothing is more permanent than a temporary government program"

Term Limits: The problem with our federal government is career politicians. A Senator does not need to serve more than 2 terms and a congressman 6 terms. 12 years of office for both houses will ensure the sanctity of this statement, "...that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."

Immigrations: I am not at all opposed to LEGAL immigration. I'm against ILLEGAL immigration. Let's build that wall, because the wall tells everyone, please use the front door. The people that are the most injured in all of this are the people who went through the proper channels only to have someone who did not do the lawful thing get in through the back door. It is a matter of national security that we secure our borders. We need to quit incentivizing this unlawful behavior of crossing into the country illegally. We need to end catch and release. If they are seeking asylum, they can wait in Mexico. The caravans will stop, if we would quit giving them government assistance from our government welfare programs. Trump has proved this all to be true. Let ICE do its job and let them enforce the laws that are on the books. We need to end chain migration and make immigration merit based. As it currently stands, this is national security disaster. The catch and release via relocating them throughout the country, is as foolish as the Trojans letting in the Greeks by way of the wooden horse. But the reason why Democrats and RINO's don't want to mess with the ongoing crises is because its all part of their globalist aspirations. If people want to seek asylum, they can wait in Mexico.

Government aid to foreign countries: Most of the world hates us, but we keep sending them money. How about we quit sending them money, and they can hate us for free? America is facing looming fiscal issues. That money needs to be spent here at home. If we do get something from these foreign countries, we need to be getting our money's worth.

Rescind the 17th Amendment: This amendment took from the state legislatures the right to choose who would represent the state in the US Senate and gave it to the voters of each state. This has done great harm to what the founders had intended in the states being represented in the US Senate. In rescinding this Amendment, not only will the state legislature's powers be restored, but also too, if a senator is acting contrary to the interests of the state, the state legislature can recall that senator. This would cause the senator to be beholden to the best interests of the state. Of course this changing of the constitution would require a convention of the states, which in my estimation has been long overdue.

A balanced budget Amendment: For far too long, each party has been running up the national debt. This has created a great problem in that each party feels emboldened when they have it to purchase their wish list of government solutions. This has to end, and we need a convention of states to pass a balanced budget Amendment to rein in this out of control government spending.

Taxes: We need to move our tax system to that of a flat tax or fair tax system and make the only exemption to this be for churches and 501c3's. At the very least, we need to abolish the unconstitutional property tax and death tax.

The Right to Repair: For far too long retailers like Apple have held consumers hostage due to their restrictions on who can repair their broken products. They use this to scalp the consumers into paying egregiously overpriced repairs. I believe this needs to be addressed in order for the free market to allow competition against these companies who seek to consolidate the market and control every facet of what the consumer does with the purchased product.

Election Integrity: As we all witnessed and saw in the previous election, an election can be compromised when states institute policies that invite fraud. While we cannot tell others states what to do, we here in Arkansas can make sure that paper ballots are used, not machines. Technology can be hacked or manipulated. We also must demand forensic audits in problematic counties, and that rolls are kept accurate and up to date. We must ensure that ballot harvesting, mass mail in ballots, and no ID voting are not allowed in this state. Arkansans deserve to know, with full transparency, the results of their elections.


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